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Woman who married ragdoll has made a baby ragdoll she calls their child

'It's true, Marcelo got me pregnant'.

Shipas captain jumps overboard to rescue meerkat called Boris in Cornish port

Tom Sexton stripped to his boxers and jumped in to rescue Boris after he and Doris escaped.

Tenerife on verge of towel wars after hotel staff crack down on lounger blockers

You may bagsy your sun loungers no more, tourists.

Doctors baffled after finding 233 coins, batteries and screws in manas stomach

The man was complaining about pain in his stomach.

Woman stays in shop window for APS1,000 a night after AirBnb prank escalates

The listing was supposed to be a joke as part of the international Art Basel art fair.

UFO seeker claims heas found an aelephant-like creaturea statue on Mars

The alien researcher's other 'discoveries' on Mars include a baby polar bear, a adark ladya, and a space crab.

Gran says sheas living in a slum because nobodyas cut her grass

A jungle of nettles has taken over the garden outside Angela and Raymond's home.

Judge reprimands fishmonger for being inappropriately dressed for court

Adam Jewell, who has 24 convictions, appeared quite at home as he appeared in court.

Thoughts and prayers for cleaner whose McDonaldas arrived covered in Coke

Daniel Devereux said Just Eat wouldn't even refund him the whole amount at first.

Bottle-fed babies amore likely to develop fetish for rubber gimp suitsa, claims feminist

Did you bottle-feed your infant child? Oops.

Pub called police after mum and son complained about portion of chips

James, 22, pictured with his mum, 40, was offered a refund but the pub revoked it when the argument escalated.

Worldas largest whisky bottle sells for more than APS1,000,000 to mystery buyer

It holds enough liquid to fill 444 standard bottles.

Pizza stand has embarrassing #susanalbumparty moment with its web address

'Possibly the worst domain name URL I have seen.'

Quacking effort as hero saves ducklings from drain

aIam 6ft 1in tall and was fully submerged when I went down the drain. I must have looked a sight.a

a!1,000,000 mural encrusted with diamonds installed at Spanish marina

It was created by 'most expensive' artist Debbie Wingham, who sold an advent calendar for APS7.8 million last year.

Cyclist fined for using bank cards in wallet stolen by fox and dropped in street

The fox remains on the run.

Neighbour confuses old trampoline for elderly man unwell in the street

To be fair, we can see where the mix-up came from.

aDeada woman bangs on coffin to say sheas alive during her own funeral

Warning: You may find the content of this story distressing.

Boy, four, takes mumas car keys and goes for aA joyrideA in his pyjamas

Unfortunately, he wasn't quite ready to pass his test yet, and crashed into two parked cars.

Crew of firefighters called out to rescue struggling seagull trapped on roof

Seagulls get a bad rap for their antics pinching people's ice creams - but when the chips are down, we still don't want to see them trapped in a net.

Huge bottle of scotch thatas bigger than a bath is set to sell for APS1,500,000

Not only is it the biggest bottle of scotch in the world, it is also expected to become the most expensive.

Woman marries her cat to get round pet-hating landlords

Deborah and her pet are together in the bonds of holy catrimony.

Landlord bans applicants with BO, bad teeth and adodgy toesa

The George Pub & Grill posted a brutal job vacancy for a number of its venues.

Man spots snake wrapped around his wing mirror while driving at 70mph on motorway

Ever freaked out about a spider or a fly sharing the car with you?

Dying man who mooned at speed camera for bucket list is in trouble again

Gran, 75, still hasnat opened Easter egg she was given when she was 13

Hillion Fern pictured with her Easter egg which she has had since she was a little girl.

Mischievous bear walks nearly 100 miles back to town he was chased away from

Juan made the impawsible trip over 18 days.

Ex-soldier exposed her penis and used wheelie bin as sex toy in public

The ex-soldier also exposed herself in front of three children who were passing her house.

Message in a bottle from two girls asking for boyfriends is found 56 years later

One said she was 'not bad looking'.

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Nearly a Decade Later, Ron Howardas Rush Still Does The Hunt, Lauda Rivalry Justice

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Automoblog earns from qualifying purchases, including the movies featured here. These commissions come to us at no additional cost to you. There are well-made car movies and Ron Howard’s 2013 film Rush is most definitely one of them. It tells the story of the rivalry and odd friendship between James Hunt and Niki Lauda throughout the 1976 Grand Prix season. It tells the tale captivatingly and cleanly about two of the most interesting characters ever to strap […]

Original article: Nearly a Decade Later, Ron Howard’s Rush Still Does The Hunt, Lauda Rivalry Justice

2023 Toyota Sequoia: Trim Levels, New Tech & Safety Features, Powertrain Specs, Pricing & More

We had goosebumps when Toyota debuted the all-new, third-generation Sequoia SUV, and it had nothing to do with the truck’s newfound styling or performance attributes. Instead, we were overwhelmed with joy that the outgoing Sequoia, on the market since 2008, had finally spawned a successor to go toe-to-toe with the Ford Expedition, Nissan Armada, Chevy Suburban, and Jeep Wagoneer. 2023 Toyota Sequoia: What’s New? Toyota has unveiled the base prices for its 2023 Sequoia lineup, and it got us thinking. […]

Original article: 2023 Toyota Sequoia: Trim Levels, New Tech & Safety Features, Powertrain Specs, Pricing & More

Rain-X Product Review: Exterior Detailer, Fast Wax, Glass Cleaner & Waterless Car Wash (2022)

Affiliate Disclosure: The products outlined below were sent to us by Rain-X at no charge. Automoblog earns from qualifying purchases as an Amazon Associate, including the cleaning products featured here. These commissions come to us at no additional cost to you. Although famous for its wiper blades, Rain-X has an entire line of cleaning products for your car. The team at Rain-X sent us four of their most popular to test out, including an exterior detailer, fast wax, glass cleaner, […]

Original article: Rain-X Product Review: Exterior Detailer, Fast Wax, Glass Cleaner & Waterless Car Wash (2022)

2023 Subaru Ascent: Updated Styling, New Safety Features, Better Infotainment & More

The 2023 Subaru Ascent remains part of the first-gen variant that arrived in 2019. The Ascent is Subaruas first three-row SUV and is the largest vehicle from the brand. It enables seating for up to eight passengers (albeit in a pinch) and delivers surprising performance with its standard turbocharged Boxer engine and standard all-wheel drivetrain. Competitors like the Mazda CX-9 and Kia Telluride have sharper styling, more room, and a comfier ride, while the Hyundai Palisade is more luxurious overall. […]

Original article: 2023 Subaru Ascent: Updated Styling, New Safety Features, Better Infotainment & More

Would Insurance Cover Car Damage From a Superhero Battle?

If your car is damaged as the result of a superhero battle, would your insurance cover it? Learn which policies can protect your vehicle from collateral damage.

Original article: Would Insurance Cover Car Damage From a Superhero Battle?

2023 Kia Seltos Review: New Features, Quirky Styling, Fuel Economy, Pricing & More

In 2021, Kia gave the Seltos a plethora of new features like automatic climate control, remote start, and a 10.3-inch infotainment system on all but the base LX trim. In addition, the Seltos Nightfall Edition that debuted in 2022 will carry over to 2023 with its blacked-out exterior trim and 18-inch black alloy wheels. 2023 Kia Seltos: Whatas New? The Kia Seltos is a relatively all-new compact crossover that debuted in 2021. But for 2023, all Seltos models now have […]

Original article: 2023 Kia Seltos Review: New Features, Quirky Styling, Fuel Economy, Pricing & More

Preparing For Your Summer Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide

This summer road trip guide includes:A How to respond during an unexpected emergency. Driving tips that will help keep you and your family safe. A comprehensive checklist for getting your vehicle prepared. What to place in your emergency kit, including something we overlook. Best times of the week to drive and the risks that come with summer travel. This comprehensive guide consists of three parts: getting your vehicle ready, what to pack, and how to stay safe while driving. We […]

Original article: Preparing For Your Summer Road Trip: The Ultimate Guide

2023 Range Rover Sport Overview: Electrified Powertrains, Luxury Features, Pricing & More

The 2023 Range Rover Sport is the third variation since Land Rover introduced the Range Rover Sport in 2005. It’s hard to tell at first glance, but the new Range Rover Sport has grown slightly more than the outgoing variant. It’s about 2.64 inches (67 mm) longer and 1.6-inches (40 mm) taller with a 2.91-inch (74 mm) longer wheelbase. Land Rover is bringing back the plug-in-hybrid powertrain it refused to offer before, but what’s more exciting is the all-electric Range […]

Original article: 2023 Range Rover Sport Overview: Electrified Powertrains, Luxury Features, Pricing & More

Cars & Cocaine: Jason Sudeikis & Lee Pace Run Wild In DMC Comedy Biopic Driven

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, Automoblog earns from qualifying purchases, including the movies featured here. These commissions come to us at no additional cost to you. I vividly recall the entirety of the DeLorean saga. Thanks to the legendary Pontiac GTO, true gearheads have known DeLorean’s name since the 1960s. Yet those same gearheads were shaking their heads in the early 80s when the whole DeLorean Motor Cars (DMC) saga started.  Burn Out & Fade Away It was like fireworks […]

Original article: Cars & Cocaine: Jason Sudeikis & Lee Pace Run Wild In DMC Comedy Biopic Driven

2023 Toyota Camry Arrives With New Nightshade Edition, Advanced Safety Tech & Optional Hybrid Powertrain

The 2023 Toyota Camry remains part of the eighth-gen variant that debuted in 2018. Itas getting a bit long in the tooth, but Toyota has constantly updated the Camry with new features and design packages, particularly the Nightshade Edition and its bevy of dark interior trim. The Camry is one year shy of celebrating its 40th anniversary in the United States after first dipping its toes into Uncle Samas territory in 1983. We strongly feel Toyota is cooking up a […]

Original article: 2023 Toyota Camry Arrives With New Nightshade Edition, Advanced Safety Tech & Optional Hybrid Powertrain

2023 Toyota Venza Arrives With New Nightshade Edition, Star Gaze Glass Roof, Hybrid Powertrain & More

The 2023 Toyota Venza is the latest to receive the Nightshade Editon package that adds dark styling elements to Toyotaas hybrid SUV. As usual, the Venza scores high in fuel economy with its standard hybrid powertrain derived from the Toyota RAV4. In other words, the new Venza is a RAV4 hybrid wrapped in a Lexus-esque body and infused with a more premium vibe and more desirable features than a comparable RAV4, like that groovy electrochromic glass roof. Still, the 2023 […]

Original article: 2023 Toyota Venza Arrives With New Nightshade Edition, Star Gaze Glass Roof, Hybrid Powertrain & More

How To Keep an Older Car Running (& Out of the Shop)

Itas usually cheaper to keep an older car running than to buy a new (or even used) one. Learn what a mechanic says you should do to extend the life of your vehicle.

Original article: How To Keep an Older Car Running (& Out of the Shop)

Most driver-assist crashes involved Teslas, new data show. But questions abound

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration issued a long-awaited report on crashes involving Teslas and other cars using driver-assist programs.

28 arrested, 112 catalytic converters seized in illegal car parts operation in Inland Empire

Multiple law enforcement agencies participated in the investigation that included 64 different automotive repair shops and recycling facilities.

California's first commercial robotaxi is approved for the streets of San Francisco

With a permit from the California Public Utilities Commission, GM-owned Cruise becomes the first commercial robotaxi business in California and the second in the U.S.

Paying extra for premium gas? You should probably stop

High gas prices aren't going away soon, but if you're paying extra for premium, you probably can save the money. And don't even think about midgrade.

The DMV said it would investigate Tesla over self-driving claims. Then, crickets

Why doesn't the DMV have anything to say about its investigation of Tesla's autonomous driving claims after a full year? The agency isn't talking, and lawmakers are getting impatient.

Company insiders rip Tesla's stance on safety in hard-hitting Elon Musk doc

'Elon Musk's Crash Course,' about Tesla's Autopilot, describes a corporate culture of hype over science. Our auto industry writer breaks it down.

Jimmy Kimmel, Dax Shepard, Tom Brady on new car freak podcast a hosted by Ford's CEO

Ford CEO Jim Farley has showbiz in his blood. On 'Drive,' his new Spotify podcast series, a shared love of cars is the vehicle for conversations with the likes of Tom Brady, Dax Shepard and Jimmy Kimmel.

17 states push EPA to revoke California's ability to set its own vehicle emission standards

The attorneys general of more than a dozen U.S. states say the federal decision to let California set its own rules forces the rest of the country to follow suit.

They'll turn your gas guzzler into an EV. But be prepared to wait

High gasoline prices and concerns about climate change and pollution are pushing some drivers to turn vintage cars into electric vehicles.

News Analysis: 'Free speech absolutist' Elon Musk has a long history of opposing speech and transparency

How seriously should we take Elon Musk's rhetoric about bringing free speech and transparency to Twitter? Rather than parse his words, let's look at his past actions.

Elon Musk's bid to buy Twitter was extremely Elon Musk

The billionaire leader of Tesla and SpaceX says Twitter must go private to fulfill its "societal imperative." But the way he went about offering to buy it left Wall Street doubting his seriousness.

California plans to say 35% of new car sales must be EVs by 2026. Is the market ready?

Hoping to ban sales of new internal combustion vehicles by 2035, the California Air Resources Board proposes requiring that EV sales triple by 2026.

Twitter bots helped build the cult of Elon Musk and Tesla. But who's creating them?

Elon Musk and Tesla have millions of vocal fans on Twitter. Not all of them are real. Two researchers are trying to figure out who controls the bots.

With gas prices sky-high, some would-be EV buyers are getting creative

Despite high gas prices, a vehicle shortage is putting the brakes on what should be an EV boom and pushing buyers to search for workarounds.

Stolen luxury cars worth $2.3 million found stashed in Van Nuys backyard

More than 30 luxury cars that were 'fraudulently purchased' from Southern California car dealerships are found stashed in a Van Nuys backyard.

Black Tesla employees describe a culture of racism: 'I was at my breaking point'

In their own words, former Tesla employees describe what they call a racist work environment that led California to file a civil rights lawsuit against the company.

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Can Covid Masks Help With Seasonal Allergies?

Can Covid Masks Help With Seasonal Allergies? It’s pretty widely known that face masks, in general, can help reduce the spread of respiratory infections such as covid and the flu. But did you know they can help limit the number…

The post Can Covid Masks Help With Seasonal Allergies? appeared first on Achoo! Blog.

Why We Love Whirlpool a

Why We Love Whirlpool Air Purifiers a As a brand, WhirlpoolA(r) and its air purifiers represent innovation, simplicity, dependability, and, most importantly, affordability. Their space-saving and energy-efficient designs are approachable and easy to use, resulting in a solid and lasting…

The post Why We Love Whirlpool – appeared first on Achoo! Blog.

Why We Love Miele

Why We Love Miele – For over 120 years, Miele has been building appliances through constant innovation and meticulous devotion to detail. Their long-standing reputation of reliability and expert craftsmanship ensures their machines are built to last. Many typical vacuum…

The post Why We Love Miele appeared first on Achoo! Blog.

How to Relieve Allergy Symptoms on a Budget a

How to Relieve Allergy Symptoms on a Budget – Allergies are difficult enough on their own without the added expenses of doctor’s visits, medicines, and costly remedies. Luckily, there are many ways to keep costs down. Investing in the right…

The post How to Relieve Allergy Symptoms on a Budget – appeared first on Achoo! Blog.

Staying Healthy Indoors In 2022 a

Staying Healthy Indoors In 2022 a Each new year brings new chances for change, improved health, and a higher sense of wellbeing. This, coupled with being stuck indoors due to seasonal weather and changing times, means staying healthy at home…

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Deep Cleaning in the Deep of Winter a

Deep Cleaning in the Deep of Winter a It’s widely known that people love to freshen their homes and give them a good spring cleaning. This is especially true if you suffer from asthma or allergies since this time of…

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The Important Role Sleep Plays in Weight Loss

The Important Role Sleep Plays in Weight Loss a Here at Achoo, were all about fighting allergies. Did you know that allergies can affect the quality of sleep you get? And have you heard before that sleep can influence weight…

The post The Important Role Sleep Plays in Weight Loss appeared first on Achoo! Blog.

Why Use A Humidifier

Why Use A Humidifier a Whether it’s due to winter cold or summer air conditioners, dry air and low humidity levels in your home can have many negative impacts on your health. Most often, dry air affects our skin, causing…

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October is Indoor Air Quality Awareness Month a

Why our IAQ is so important – Did you know, according to the American Lung Association, we take an average of 21,600 breaths per day and spend about 90% of our days indoors? Did you also know that our time…

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Easy Tips To Regulate Humidity Levels When Growing Indoors

When it comes to maintaining healthy humidity levels in greenhouses, nurseries, or indoor grow rooms, many factors come into play. Excess moisture can lead to mold and mildew growth, and other various plant diseases. On the flip side, too low…

The post Easy Tips To Regulate Humidity Levels When Growing Indoors appeared first on Achoo! Blog.

Closure of California's last nuclear power plant questioned

There are doubts over the planned closure of California's Diablo Canyon nuclear power station following the recent energy crisis. The station currently serves as the state's largest power supplier, accounting for over 9% of the state's energy needs. It has the capacity to serve a population of overA 3 million residents.A [...]

Biodegradable packaging could replace plastic food wrapping

Scientists have developed a new plant-based coating for food that could replace plastic. The biodegradable coating is environmentally sustainable, but also a public health solution thanks to its antibacterial properties. The product comes in the form of a solution that is sprayed directly onto foods, protecting them from disease-causing microbes and from damage during transportation.[...]

The BioBased concrete tiles cut carbon emissions and waste

BioBased tiles are a new sustainable building material being used to create sustainable facades for buildings. They replace traditional building materials and lower carbon emissions. Along with their sister product WasteBasedBricks from StoneCycling, BioBased tiles can be used to build structures that are stronger than traditional buildings, while significantly reducing waste.[...]

New travel book "Around the World in 80 Spiritual Places"

I frequently visit cemeteries, but was especially excited to be at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn last month. This historic cemetery is an enormous greenspace, fronted by gothic arches and full of birds, prairie dogs, flowering trees and interesting monuments to people ranging from obscure to celebrities. I was drawn to a pyramid-shaped tomb with a huge gold sculpture of animals leaning on the grassy hill below it. [...]

Artwork brings attention to the urgency of climate change

Exculpatio by Nomad Studio and Global R&D Cemex is a silent demonstration and sculptural space that explores the lack of substantial action on climate change. Hosted in Venice and Switzerland, it's part of the exhibition called PERSONAL STRUCTURES curated by the European Cultural Centre during the Venice Biennale 2022. The project looks at speech surrounding sustainability through concrete as a creative counterpart. The design morphs and adapts to its environment, and now stands in Switzerland in the form of two rectangular monoliths.[...]

Undergraduate students develop glow-in-the-dark concrete

In efforts to find solutions to world power problems, students at the America University in Cairo have developed glow-in-the-dark concrete as part of their graduation project. The building material would help cut down on the power used for street lighting and road signage.[...]

Illinois encourages carp consumption to save native species

The state of Illinois has started a campaign to encourage more people to eat the invasive carp fish. This project is an effort to save local species that have been threatened since its introduction in the 1960s to remove algae from the Deep South sewage lagoons, and escape into the Mississippi River and Great Lakes.[...]

A home that incorporates recycled materials from the jobsite

Located in the coastal town of Alibaug, near Mumbai, the House of Concrete Experiments is a residential project. The home was built for a client who attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology and showed a willingness to experiment with the designs presented by Lead Architect Samira Rathod.A [...]

Big Ship's solutions for a flourishing Kenyan coastline

The densely-populated, low-income regions in the coastal city of Mombasa, Kenya often struggle to maintain a healthy living environment. Lack of waste-management facilities and extensive environmental degradation often exacerbate these problems. To alleviate poverty and prevent further harm to the environment, a group of conservation activists founded Big Ship in 2010. The organization is dedicated to providing community-focused solutions to local problems in Mombasa. By addressing these challenges, the organization targets several of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including those pertaining to socio-economic growth, environmental reestablishment and sustainable living.[...]

Solar-power EcoPod mobile device is a pop-up on air quality

Some days, you step outside and you know that the air quality is lower or higher than the day before. But until the EcoPod, you haven't been able to prove it. Now, you can monitor your air quality and get data about it. If knowledge is power, the EcoPod is the power to change the world. Itas time to get a whole lot smarter about air.[...]

Massive sunspot glares at the Earth

A hugeA sunspotA has been seen within firing rage of the earth. It's reported to have grown double in size in just under 24 hours, and is as large as three times the size of the Earth, according to experts. The size is sparking fears for some over the possibility of it sending flares, however, experts told US Today that there is no cause for alarm.[...]

Lime pilots electric scooter with comfort features and long-distance capabilities

Mobility company Lime has started testing an all-electric scooter with long-distance capabilities and a top speed of 20 mph, which it intends to introduce to its fleet soon. The company is known for its proactive approach to tackling climate issues with most of its vehicles running on electricity. [...]

Asahi Kasei AKXY2 concept car is electrifying the future

Asahi Kasei is celebrating its centennial by releasing a new concept car called AKXY2, an exploration of how values for sustainability, satisfaction and society influence future mobility. Asahi Kasei is a Japanese multinational company that works in multiple industries. The company's new concept car looks at how the need for sustainability paired with the needs of society and drivers shape how we drive in a society that is moving toward automation and electrification.[...]

The benefits of adaptive reusing old buildings into new

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Itas a phrase weave all become accustomed to hearing. Some products and materials are commonly recycled with little thought, such as beverage containers in states with a deposit law or plastic grocery bags returned to the receptacle at the supermarket. Metal, glass and cardboard are other examples. Now think bigger. Think urban. Think entire buildings being converted into a completely new space. [...]

High-rise of the future has a unique modular design

City center buildings of the future will need to take advantage of vertical space through smart and efficient design and technologies. The Regenerative Highrise concept does all of this and more.A [...]

Refillable cleaning product works by just adding water

You might refill water bottles, keep a reusable straw handy and avoid plastic shopping bags, but what about those plastic bottles of cleaning fluid you buy and throw away all the time? Cleaning products are a huge contributor to the world's plastic pollution. Now, JAWS is helping fight that problem. This is the Just Add Water system and it just might change the way you clean.[...]

Take a look at Toronto's first net-zero community center

Toronto, Canada is a city with a diverse and inclusive population. Inasmuch, community centers are a central component of the urban landscape. With a focus on that with the environmental landscape, the North East Scarborough Community and Child Care Center aims to achieve net-zero carbon status.A [...]

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The UK government has taken a stake in a sex party startup

British taxpayers now officially hold shares in a company that throws sex parties.

US strikes al Qaeda-affiliated leader in Syria

The US carried out a strike in Syria on Monday targeting a senior leader of Hurras al-Din, an al Qaeda-affiliated terrorist organization, according to a statement from US Central Command.

Japan tells millions to save electricity as record heat wave strains power supply

Japan is asking some 37 million people living in and around Tokyo to use less electricity and ration air conditioning even amid a record heat wave that has seen temperatures in some parts of the country pass 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).

Indian police arrest Muslim journalist accused of insulting Hindus

Delhi police have arrested a prominent Muslim journalist, accusing him of insulting religious beliefs on social media, in a move condemned by free speech advocates.

The West wants to go further on Russian oil. Inflation is making that difficult

Europe and the United States have barred the import of Russian oil to cut off a crucial revenue source for the Kremlin. But the plan to pile pain on President Vladimir Putin, forcing him to reconsider his war in Ukraine, hasn't worked.

Electronic Arts is still the odd one out in gaming

All things considered, video game leader Electronic Arts is having a pretty decent year despite inflation worries, recession fears and other macroeconomic headwinds. Shares of EA are only down about 2% in 2022, a drop that's not nearly as bad as the rest of the tech sector, which is now in bear market territory.

All the recession warning signs this week

It's the question everyone is asking: Are we about to enter a recession?

Ray-Ban's billionaire owner Leonardo Del Vecchio dies

Leonardo Del Vecchio, the chairman of spectacles maker EssilorLuxottica and one of Italy's wealthiest business figures, has died aged 87, his company said on Monday.

Not only is Lake Powell's water level plummeting because of drought, its total capacity is shrinking, too

Lake Powell, the second-largest human-made reservoir in the US, has lost nearly 7% of its potential storage capacity since 1963, when Glen Canyon Dam was built, a new report shows.

These were the best and worst places for air quality in 2021, new report shows

Air pollution spiked to unhealthy levels around the world in 2021, according to a new report.

Big-box stores could help slash emissions and save millions by putting solar panels on roofs. Why aren't more of them doing it?

As the US attempts to wean itself off its heavy reliance on fossil fuels and shift to cleaner energy sources, many experts are eyeing a promising solution: your neighborhood big-box stores and shopping malls.

A floating city in the Maldives begins to take shape

A city is rising from the waters of the Indian Ocean. In a turquoise lagoon, just 10 minutes by boat from Male, the Maldivian capital, a floating city, big enough to house 20,000 people, is being constructed.

Why this Chinese artist is outselling Van Gogh

Zhang Daqian may not be a household name in the West, but in China -- and the global art market at large -- he is on par with the likes of Warhol and Monet.

Potentially toxic skin-whitening cosmetics have exploded on major social media platforms

Surreal images explore Asian American identity

There are those who take photos and those who make photos, to paraphrase the legendary photographer Ansel Adams.

A powerful portrait of motherhood and exotic dancing

When Hajar Benjida began photographing exotic dancers around the Atlanta area, she didn't want to take typical images of them performing on stage. Instead, she photographed many of the women at home, including Cleo, who had recently given birth to a baby boy named Andy.

How to dress for the office after years of remote working

If the thought of retiring your comfortable sweats and choosing a new outfit to leave the house in each morning is an intimidating prospect, you're in good company. For the better part of the pandemic, I've lived in a pair of stretchy, soft wool trousers in the cooler months, switching allegiance in summer to a white linen dress that my brother-in-law dubbed "the ghost dress" (likening its so flowy, so oversized shape to that of a large bedsheet with a hole cut out for my head).

What sitting in economy on Qantas' 20-hour flights will be like

The world's longest flight: nonstop, 20 hours, as you recline in your wide armchair and decide whether you want to relax with the very best Champagne, enjoy a chef-designed meal with a traveling companion seated opposite, or get the crew to make your sumptuously soft bed with fresh linens.

She's visited every country in the world. Here's what she learned

As her plane began its descent into the Seychelles on October 6, 2019, Ugandan-American travel influencer Jessica Nabongo peered out of the window, preparing herself for the momentous occasion about to take place.

Five guys take the same photo for 40 years

Five friends' celebrated photo taken every five years at the same California lake is out for the world to see despite one man's recent cancer scare.

What it's like to sit in a double-decker airplane chair

Flying economy for any extended period of time is an experience usually endured rather than enjoyed, but one airplane seat designer reckons his design could revolutionize budget travel.

Confessions of a 1980s flight attendant

"I came of age when the jet age came of age," says Ann Hood, an American novelist and New York Times best-selling author, whose latest book "Fly Girl" is a memoir of her adventurous years as a TWA flight attendant, right at the end of the Golden Age of air travel.

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TikTok star shares her breastfeeding journey and excess milk to help others

With no end in sight to the baby formula shortage, lifestyle content creator and new mom Lucie Fink is stepping up to help babies in need. She's donating her excess breast milk, and she credits her TikTok and Instagram followers with inspiring her to help.